Live and Learn is an old expression that I have not only heard, but used time and again.  I have spent a lifetime doing this.  I hope to share some of that with you here on this blog.

Today I am learning more about patience.  When I was a young adult, I prayed for patience.  Over and over again, our Father has given me opportunities to practice the gift He gave me when he answered that prayer.  

My house is being remodeled and has been for over a month now.  We have been living in the house while all of this is happening and I am getting pretty tired of sleeping on the floor on an air mattress, but I keep telling myself that it will be nice when it is done.  Hopefully I survive it and can walk when it is.  🙂

Tuesday, my husband was off work and we needed to go to South Houston to get the title to my disabled truck.  We were going to try to drive it there but it just did not want to make the trip so on the way back home to get my husbands truck, I said; “Let’s call your mother and see if she wants to go along for the ride”.  My husband was in a grumpy mood and he made every excuse in the world not to call her, but I insisted so he called and passed the phone to me.  I asked if she wanted to go and she about jumped through the phone and into the truck. 🙂  When we got back to her house after the excursion and listening to my husband grumble the entire 2 hours, she said to me, “You have a lot of patience, don’t you?”  I just smiled and said yes, thank God.  Then I explained that this is one of the very first things I can remember praying for as an adult.  Mostly I prayed this prayer so I would not strangle kids or husbands, lol.  

Earlier in the excursion, she and my husband had been discussing how to deal with the people we were going to be dealing with. The title had been promised to us for months.  I had paid off the truck in August of last year, in November, we called and they said that it was at their bank and they would call us when they received it.  We never got the call.  Monday, my husband called them and chewed them out and told them we would be there on Tuesday to pick it up.  When we got there I opened my door and told my husband that he did not need to go in, I could handle it just fine.  His mother said; “He needs to go with you, you are too nice.”  Is is possible to be “too nice”?  My husband insisted on going in with me, proceeded to chew out the poor girl behind the window, and she was so nervous she was dropping everything.  I finally stepped in front of him and was talking “too nice” to her and she calmed down, found the title, and made a copy of it and my driver’s licence, had me sign the copy, and put it in an envelope and out the door we went.  When we were about out of the parking lot, my husband’s cell phone rang, he answered, and it was the young lady behind the window.  She said she forgot to release the lean and we needed to go back.  My husband threw it in park commenced to become irate, and I calmly got out and told him to stay in the car, I did not need him for this.  He started grumbling and I could hear him as I crossed the parking lot.  I went in, gave her the title, she signed it, had it notarized, and I was back out to the car in less than two minutes.  A police officer opened the door for me as I was leaving the establishment…I thought they probably called him when my husband was being a You-Know-What…

When I got back out to the car, my husband was still grumbling…An hour later when we got to Mom’s house, he was still grumbling about something, although the subject had changed…Now that I think about it, perhaps he is tired of sleeping on the floor, eating junk food, living out of a suitcase, and all that comes with this remodeling project.  Perhaps his patience has worn thin faster than mine did.  Or perhaps he just never prayed for patience…

Patience is a virtue, so I am told…I must be very virtuous then…But some days!