Favorite Recipes

I am collecting favorite recipes off of the Internet and from friends and family members. I even will post some of my own creations. I have been cooking since I was about 5 years old. I can remember when I was 5 years old, standing on a chair at the stove cooking for my brother and I because Dad was stationed overseas and Mom was too sick to get out of bed…she was trying to pass a kidney stone. I had stood beside her on a chair day after day, watching her cook and I was confident I could do the same. I think the first thing I cooked was scrambled eggs with hotdogs cut up in them. (something I still like). I can also remember making macaroni and cheese and tuna. I like peas in mine, but my brother did not, so I heated them on the side for me. Back in those days, we did not have microwaves and many of the convenience foods that we have today so I learned to cook from scratch, follow directions in a recipe, and many things that young cooks today do not have a clue about.

Professionally, I have cooked for several decades. I started, right after highschool, managing a Pizza Parlor in my hometown. I then started cooking in a hospital kitchen, went to college to learn about nutrition and running institutional kitchens. I owned a very successful restaurant for several years, however, personal and family problems, caused me to have to give up my beloved restaurant. I later became a personal chef, and then went back to school to get two MBA’s, one in Business Management and one in Human Resources Management.

Now I am approaching retirement age and though my brain has all this knowledge and experience, my body does not like to cooperate with me, making it impossible for me to stand for extended periods of time. Cooking, food service work and restaurant ownership are all very hard on the body.

It is my hope that by sharing recipes, and throw in some stories and experiences, I will be able to pass on something that will be of use to other cooks or people who want to learn to cook.

I will be sharing other people’s pictures, links, experiences, and stories as well as mine. I have found many of these on Facebook and Pinterest. I will do the best I can to try to attribute credit to the originator of the article, picture, recipe, or story if I can. The nature of Facebook and Pinterest, sometimes makes it hard to find where something originated. If you see something that originally belonged to you on my blog and I have not attributed it to you, please email me at andijaume@ymail.com and I will make sure you get the credit that is due to you when you send me proof that you were the original owner. This proof can be a link to your post or the original picture, that is not cropped or retouched so I can compare it to the one I have. If I have used something that the owner does not want me to use, likewise, just send me an email and I will remove it. I am not trying to infringe on anyone, take credit for something that is not mine, or make a profit on what I share. I simply am passing on knowledge and experience, both mine and others. The information I am sharing is already out there in the public, otherwise I would not have found it, and anyone could collect these recipes…I just want to put them in one place so I can find them and my followers, mostly my family and close friends, can find them.


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