Andi J.

Bio: I have lived over a half a century now, have a pretty decent hubbie who has lived almost as long, 15 months less. I have an awesome daughter, three wonderful grandchildren, numerous step-children, past and present, 2 full-blooded brothers, 1 half-brother, and two step-brothers. The bloodcound does not matter to me, they are all my brothers. They all have wives or significant others and children. I have a multitude of cousins and a few aunts and uncles left among the living. My husband also comes from a large family. I mention all of this because to me, family is the most important thing in my life. I love every living thing on this earth, but first and foremost will always be those I call family. If you are not blood or step-blood and I call you brother or sister, it is because I love you that much. I love so many things that it is hard to name them all, but the most important ones are fishing, camping, cooking, sewing, quilting, reading, learning, teaching, sharing with others, and the list goes on and on. I have an extensive formal education. The last of my Master's Degrees in Human Resources Management, and the first in Business Management. I also have other degrees and certifications. Among them are being certified by the Board of Dietary Managers and also being a Certified Lactation Educator. I also am a certified tutor in numerous business subjects as well as Microsoft Software and achedemic subjects like geography, history, algebra, study skills, sociology and more. I also am certified to teach desktop publishing, web design, and HTML coding. I believe in education and am a life-long learner. I plan on learning many new things each day and hope to have learned at least one new thing on the day I die. I want to share my knowledge and experiences with anyone who is interested...that is the purpose of this blog. My personal motto is: "YESTERDAY is gone forever we can never get it back. We are not promised a TOMORROW, so let's go out and make it the best TODAY we possibly can...Be a blessing to someone TODAY!" I try very hard to live by this. I try to not dwell on the past, only to learn from it, not to look too far into the future, only prepare for it if I am blessed enough to be here for a tomorrow, and live the best I possibly can each day. I hope to be uplifting and inspiring to you and to each life I touch, however brief it might be. Blessings, Andi J.

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